What if your COACHING BUSINESS could be simpler than you think?

What if you could determine how much revenue you actually want,
rather than chasing the industry's agenda?

What if you could get a step-by-step process and alternative philosophy
for running a streamlined and successful business?


Have you ever wished there was a place to ask all of the things you think you "SHOULD" already know?

If you've ever been in a business coaching program in the past, you've most likely found that they either:

✓ Only cover mindset and don't teach the actual skills needed to start or refine your business (asking logistical Qs on calls is discouraged)

✓ Teach only one very specific framework that doesn't encourage you to discover what will work best for you and your business in a more macro process

Overemphasize concepts like "belief" and self-coaching, without the tactical action steps for you to actually get results

Sound familiar?

I help two kinds of coaches:

Getting Off of the Ground

The first coach is either:

1. Brand new to their coaching business


2. One that has been trying to get their business "off of the ground" but can't seem to get fully booked

You want to start with a one-to-one, private coaching business model, utilizing organic, relationship-centered marketing.


Maxed Out with Time + Energy

The second coach either has:

1. Booked out their private coaching and ready for a one to many offer


2. Wanting to finally "get it together" and "act like a real business" so you can scale how you want by streamlining the backend of your one to many business.



The Simple One to One INTENSIVE


See the full call schedule in the FAQs below

Your Intensive COACHING Options

Apply the Simple One to One curriculum to set up the foundations for your Simple One to One coaching business so that you are client ready (or sign your next client) by the end of April 2023, without the tech overwhelm, sales calls, or ads. 

Group Coaching + Community


 Simple One to One Course

✓ 16 live calls (4 per week)

✓ Topic-specific calls

✓ Open life + business coaching calls

✓ Co-working/office hours calls to actually get work done

✓ A community platform to connect with coaches applying the same philosophy + get between-session coaching

✓ Optional structured with accountability track

✓ Call recordings via video + private podcast audio



Everything in Group Coaching + Community and:

✓ Two 45-minute private coaching sessions with Lauren





"I've been binge listening to the Simple Coaching Business Private podcast - I love it! It's so practical and ...simple! I want this simple business 😅"


"As a coach who has a multi six figure business that is NOT AT ALL SIMPLE, this course has been so refreshing to go through. It's made me think creatively on how I can scale DOWN, make things LESS complex, and still get the same (or better) results for my clients and bank account. This is the resource I wish I had when I was building my business - it would have saved me so many headaches and a LOT of money."


"I love how Lauren explains things in the program, so I feel prepared to create my own simple coaching business. It's such a relief to see how simple it can be!"


In a month you could:

Be open for business and signing clients

✓ Be making more money than you've been bringing in on your own

 Have an optimized way your clients discover and decide to work with you

"I have spent SO MUCH MONEY not getting my business started. This has been the most helpful of anything I’ve purchased in the last 5 years. I was happy to see you’re raising your prices."


"Thanks so much for sharing your SCB course with us! It's really making me feel like the career that I want to have is both a thing and isn't going to mean that I have to sacrifice my financial goals (and those are not even very big in coaching/wellness industry terms!)."


"Lauren, this program is exactly what I needed right now. I can't tell you how grateful I am for you and that you're sharing your experience, skills, and offer with us! :-)"


Hey, I’m Lauren Cash!


I'm most well-known for Monday Hour One, a time management course I co-created with Brooke Castillo and Tyson Bradley. I was invited to the project during my 2.5 years working for The Life Coach School. While there, I was heavily involved in the operations side of the business and learned how much I adore this aspect of business and am truly gifted at it.

I've been in the digital entrepreneurship space for over the last decade. I've gone from attempting to monetize a blog with a coaching program, to being a private practice dietitian, to now having a successful coaching practice since July 2019.

I love working with clients in their businesses, helping them with both the mindset coaching utilizing tools like The Self Coaching Model and with the tactics. I nerd out over tools like ClickUp. 

It would be an honor to help you quick start your simple coaching business or to help you refine it into the business you ultimately started it for! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions after checking out these FAQs, email [email protected] and we will answer your specific question.