Create your unique, sustainable business, in LIMITED hours.

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Finally, a coaching course that will give you the ultimate permission slip to do business your way.


Are you so over:

  • Trying to do business just like your teachers, but not having it work for you?
  • Thinking you have to put your business above all else in order for it to succeed?
  • Getting pulled into the allure that you must double your revenue year after year?
  • Programs built with hierarchies embedded within them?

I hear you!

I have been there and I’m on a mission to create a movement of my own. Even though I had made $722k in a 12-month period, it wasn’t worth it because I found myself sick and lacking passion for business and life I once had. I don’t want that for either of us.

Imagine if you had a concrete, easy-to-execute playbook for exactly how many hours you wanted to work, what you’d do during that time to have optimum ROI on the energy input, and knew exactly how to create the revenue you desired within that container–all in a way that was aligned with your unique energy so you felt like you could continue on like this forever without burning out.


I created Redefined Your Time because I want to help digital business owners who aren’t interested in:

The industry’s glittery revenue propaganda

Sacrificing their health for their goals

Doing business how the one way they're told

That’s why I created…

Redefine Your Time 

A Six-Month Human Design Embodiment Lab

This program will help you create your unique time and energy playbook for your life and your business. You’ll make all of the decisions you’ve been putting off so you can optimize your life and business based on your values, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

You’ll get:

→ Dripped audio-heavy lessons in a private podcast (videos only when absolutely necessary) on topics like:

  • Clean, Aligned Goals/Intentions
  • More advanced layers to: Type, Strategy, Authority, Centers
  • What gets in the way of Authority
  • What counts as work
  • Non-linear time
  • Calendar/time frameworks to play with
  • Doing enough
  • Not now
  • Enough money + the numbers (looking at money, profitability, the true cost of an offer)
  • Business Models
  • Your Offer
  • Gene Key Spheres: Vocation, Culture, Brand, Pearl
  • Marketing + leaning into your Lines
  • Prosperity and purpose for money
  • Selling and shadows
  • Recalibrate, reassess, adapt

→ A guided Playbook creation experience, including application prompts and self-quick reference materials

→ Business and time coaching topics infusing Human Design + Gene Key

→ Coaching call replays (in audio and video formats) from both sacral and non-sacral coaching groups from the live round

With this course, six months from now you could:

✓ Be confident in the way you’re utilizing your energy, time, attention, and money in business

✓ Feel certain that you won’t burn yourself out or make yourself sick from the hustle

✓ Have a trusted circle of peers doing business their way alongside you

✓ Know what is in alignment for you, and out of alignment

✓ Easily make business decisions

You’re not just getting another course that’ll collect digital dust bunnies–you’re getting:



You won’t have to wonder if the latest programs or trends are for you or not. You’ll drop the shiny program syndrome and know exactly what your plan is for the business and life balance you crave. You don't need to collect more programs and courses to be successful.


Since we’re building your exact playbook, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing in your business, with your time, and how to balance it all for your unique energy. You’ll no longer be asking yourself how you should spend your time or what your business model should be.


You don’t have to feel like an outsider anymore. By hearing others be coached with similar Human Design Types as yourself, you’ll be able to see that nothing is wrong with you. You’ll relate and learn from peers in the coaching recordings.


Blended Coaching Recordings

You’ll be led and guided by a 2/4 Splenic Projector with a rich background in coaching modalities and business experience. You’ll not just get strategic ideas and frameworks, but you’ll also receive the deeper questions that could shift everything for you in a moment. You won’t just get Human Design and Gene Keys concepts, but you’ll also have causal coaching using The Self Coaching Model.

What people say about working with me:


"When you can find someone who has an exceptional skill set (in Lauren's case Productivity and Systems) AND who has exceptional skills in coaching - working with them in an experience that pays dividends. In my case working with Lauren helped save time, create clarity and greater awareness and self compassion."

- Aimee LaLiberte

“She's such a compassionate speaker and easy to relate to and problem solve with. She has a broad range of knowledge to infuse in many areas such as business, finance, time management & relationships!”

- Ali Watson

“Lauren is an incredible coach because she can see past whatever you have going on in your life and in your brain and pinpoint who you really are. She helps you identify your best qualities, be confident in those qualities, and use them to make a difference in the world. She's an incredibly intuitive coach who can sense what you truly want and care about, but she also has the concrete processes and systems that teach you how to make things happen.



What exactly is included?


To help the mind drop the doubt and confusion, you need a roadmap

Throughout the program, we will design your unique playbook that will include everything from how many hours you are working in your business, to how you will allocate your energetic assets (time, money, energy), and the aspects of your design we want to keep front of mind as you execute. Consider this to be way better than your run-in-the-mill workbook.

Audio Lessons

You’re on-the-go, so why not make the program take-with-you-able?

I want this program to feel extremely manageable, and not an extra thing that you have on your to-do list. It’s meant to create the container for everything else, create simplicity, and space. So what would be better than to rely heavily on audio so you can listen to the lessons and coaching call recordings in a private podcast on the go? Nothing, in my opinion.

A Few DMs + Wins Sneak Peek:


This program is for you if:

✓ You have a digital business (stage doesn’t matter)

✓ You want to work significantly less than 40 hours a week

✓ You desire to do business your way

This program is NOT for you if:

✗ You’re only wanting the marketing hows

✗ You only want to promote your business

✗ You’re in a hurry, looking for quick fixes

Hey, I’m Lauren Cash!

I’ll be your guide, mentor, and coach.

I’ve done the whole hustle-and-make-yourself-sick-over-achieving-revenue-numbers-thing already. I have no interest in subscribing to that mentality anymore. What I do desire though, is to work the hours I want to work (less than 22/wk on average) and make enough money in my business to create work optionality for myself over the next decade or so. And I want to do it my way, one that feels good to me, without sacrificing my life or health.

Let’s create a movement, shall we?