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“Lauren is an incredible coach because she can see past whatever you have going on in your life and in your brain and pinpoint who you really are. She helps you identify your best qualities, be confident in those qualities, and use them to make a difference in the world. She's an incredibly intuitive coach who can sense what you truly want and care about, but she also has the concrete processes and systems that teach you how to make things happen."


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A 30 minute casual call to see if we want to work together and design what it'll look like, if yes

This call is your starting point if you already are pretty sure you want to coach with me but just want to ask a few more questions and talk logistics. We'll keep it super casual and pressure-free. If you prefer no call and you're just ready to go–DM me on Instagram.


While I can coach you on anything, here's what I'm known for: 


Many know me for my collaboration on the time management course, Monday Hour One. My time coaching style surprises most due to its personalization.



From running a multi-million dollar coaching program to having my own practice, I bring over a decade of hands-on experience with entrepreneurship.



I was an eating disorder nutrition therapist and I'm still a Registered Dietitian. I can't help but love coaching on body-related topics and wellness practices.



I believe in whole-life living, meaning, we can't coach on time, business, and wellness with you coaching on life topics. We aren't living in a vacuum.



Love living within the mental construct of time

You're never behind. There's no such thing as being "bad with time." You don't procrastinate. You're not busy. You don't have a lot going on. You get everything done you desire and love the way you spend each and every day.

After working together, you could:

✓ Have your unique time flow

✓ Know how to never have too much on your plate

✓ Feel calm, grounded, and productive

✓ Delegate like a pro

✓ Adore how you've designed your schedule

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I thought [my problem] was scheduling but I'm starting to see it's more mindset. [Lauren]'s such a compassionate speaker and easy to relate to and problem solve with. She has a broad range of knowledge to infuse in many areas such as business, finance, time management & relationships!

- Ali Watson


Whether you're a coach or not

We'll design your unique business framework and define your job description. You'll know exactly what's required to be the business owner you want to be and run your business like you, rather than following everyone else's frameworks.

After working together, you could:

✓ Be confident in your job description

✓ Skillfully delegate and manage

✓ Run seamless and lean operations with the systems and processes to support not just the business, but also your unique workflow

✓ Have a clear and aligned business model, niche, and marketing/sales approach

✓ Make the revenue and profit you desire, without sacrifice

✓ Become a more skilled coach



Embody full well-being

Well-being looks different for everyone. Whether you have nutrition-related goals or want to floss regularly, we can coach on it.

After working together, you could:

✓ Stop having negative body image

✓ Eat and drink how you intentionally want

✓ Be in the body you desire

✓ Complete 75HARD or a similar challenge

✓ Improve nutrition-related health factors

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"When you can find someone who has an exceptional skill set (in Lauren's case Productivity and Systems) AND who has exceptional skills in coaching - working with them in an experience that pays dividends. In my case working with Lauren helped save time, create clarity and greater awareness and self compassion."

 - Aimee LaLiberte


Whole-life living because we don't live in a vacuum

Whether it's your relationship with your partner, processing of emotions, or your self-concept, it's going to impact every other area of life and business you're wanting to shift.

After working together, you could:

✓ Feel less anxious

✓ Embraced perfectionism so it doesn't block you from outcomes you want

✓ Improve your relationships with yourself and others

✓ Set boundaries

✓ Develop diligence, commitment, and determination


My Philosophy + Approach 

I believe in process-oriented, client-lead coaching relationship when working privately with clients. This means that in our time together, I won't be pre-selecting topics to teach you or have an agenda for where to take you. Instead, I'll meet you where you are with specific lessons and practices to help you overcome what you've been struggling with each week. I will be thinking of questions and things for us to process to create the overall reality you told me you want to shift while we work together.

I interweave resources and integration suggestions on an as-needed basis so you'll be able to become who you ultimately want to be. If you desire a more structured approach with material and teaching, you're invited to pair a resource from The Shop with our coaching.

I am a Master Certified Coach by The Life Coach School, which means that I have an in-depth understanding of The Self-Coaching Model. I use this mind-based self-awareness framework in all of my coaching with my clients.

I am also an Inner Voice Facilitator certified by Jess Lively and certified in three levels of Human Design and Gene Keys coaching. I hold an MA in psychology and an MS in nutrition science, and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Aside from personal development and psychology, I also nerd out over minimalism, effective workflows, processes and systems, simplicity, and personal finance especially in the FIRE community–to name a few of my interests. 

I love bringing the math and the magic and mixing them all together for a nuanced eclectic approach.

I'M IN →

Hey, I’m Lauren Cash!


I’ll be your guide, mentor, and coach.

I’ve done the whole hustle-and-make-yourself-sick-over-achieving-revenue-numbers-thing already. I have no interest in subscribing to that mentality anymore. What I do desire though, is to work the hours I want to work and make enough money in my business to create work optionality for myself over the next decade or so. And I want to do it my way, one that feels good to me, without sacrificing my life or health.

And, if you're a Human Design nerd like me, I'm a 2/4 Splenic Projector with my Conscious Sun in Gate 13.




"I developed a calendar that truly suits me. The thing I dropped most was this scarcity to do everything, all the time. Instead, I dropped into trusting that I'll get everything done when I'm meant to, and I truly crafted a calendar that I 100% love."

- Jake Knight


Packages + Pricing

The Full Package


✓ Two 30-to-45-minute one-on-one sessions via Zoom per month

✓ Between-session coaching via audio/text

✓ Optional material review and feedback

Sessions Only Package



✓ Two 30-to-45-minute one-on-one sessions via Zoom per month

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