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The Simple Coaching Business

Start or Refine Your Business

You don't need to spend much money at all to start your coaching business. You don't need to pay outrageous figures for a business coach either. Grab this quick and dirty mini course for how to get started now, and how to keep it so simple.


The Mini Courses

While these are not three-to-six month guided frameworks, they'll still shift things for your life or business.


Tired of Being in Debt?

I was about $130k in debt from student loans and wouldn't shut up about it, so it became my Master Coach Project. This mini course is the final product and this exact process helped me get out of debt in less than 2.5 years (and stay that way).


Easeful Inbox Zero

Get Out of Your Inbox

This mini course will help you stop spending so much time in your inbox without creating a more complicated organizational system with something silly like labels. And if you have a small team, I cover how to best use email with them, too.



Demystify Your Design

Get Your Human Design Reading

I'll demystify your Human Design Chart for you in plain English in this easy-to-consume private podcast reading. You can DIY your Reading Google Doc/PDF or upgrade to have us put it together for you. Either way, you'll be able to understand the basics of your Design and how to actually begin experimenting with them.



25 Days of Imperfection

Learn to Embrace Your Perfectionism

One of the root issues robbing us of time and energy is our tendency to be perfectionistic. In this month-long challenge, you'll learn how to work with this, so you can put your time and energy to what matters more than the unachievable allure of perfection.



Cultivate Margin

A Three-Month Framework

So you're timeblocking, but how does that help you actually achieve your goals? This program walks you through making your 12-week as good as done, using your calendar as your strategic goal cultivation tool.


 ClickUp Custom Builds + Operations Design

Creating more time doesn't just take mindset

Refining the way you project manage and run your operations is directly related to how much time you (and your team) have available. I love nerding out over ClickUp builds and modifications for the most streamlined backend to support excellent customer experiences.

Want to have your ClickUp built for you or refined for optimal flow?

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